July 1, 2018

Meet Frank

Frank, a lifelong resident of Allen Park, is serving his first term as State Representative for the 13th District. As a successful small business owner and a former school board president he has been committed to serving the people of his community with integrity, passion, and experience.

Frank Liberati

From an early age, Frank was a driven and dedicated worker. At 16 years old, he joined the United Food and Commercial Workers Union and began working at Farmer Jack supermarkets. He continued working there while earning his Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University. After graduating from MSU, Frank began working as a marketing manager for two unionized semi-trailer manufacturing companies–where he worked for 15 years.

In 2002, he and his wife, Nina, decided to pursue their dreams of opening a small business. Together, with hard work and perseverance, they made it through the Great Recession and have successfully owned and operated Liberati’s Italian Deli and Bakery for 16 years. As a small business owner Frank knows how important it is for businesses–big and small–to invest in our communities. With his strong work ethic and business experience he plans to continue to lead the discussion on how best to bring new jobs to Michigan and develop a diversified economy that works for all.

Since his youngest son, Antonio, was diagnosed with the genetic disorder Fragile X Syndrome as an infant, Frank and his wife have become strong advocates for individuals with developmental disabilities. In fact, his commitment to advocacy is what propelled Frank to run for the Allen Park Board of Education in 2004, where he served as president from 2006-2012. Against many hardships, Frank left the school district in a strong financial position and he is determined to use his background and proven track record to improve student academic results for all of Michigan’s students.

Since taking office, Frank has become a leading voice in bringing disability issues to the forefront of policy discussions in Lansing and has served as a member of the statewide Special Education Task Force. Furthermore, he has also been instrumental in reforming the use of physical restraints and seclusion on students–practices that have been outlawed for years in prisons and mental health facilities.

Additionally, Frank is a member of the Progressive Women’s Caucus where he has strongly advocated for equal pay, maternity leave, and reproductive rights. As an advocate for strong local control, he has introduced legislation to reform the Emergency Manager law. Furthermore, he has co-sponsored legislation that would fix our roads and crumbling infrastructure responsibly as well as provide 95% of Michigan working families with a tax break.

Frank lives in Allen Park with his wife and three sons Nick, Angelo, and Antonio.

State Representative Frank Liberati is running for re-election to serve Allen Park, Southgate, and part of Dearborn Heights for a third and final term. Be sure to get out and vote in the primary on August 7, 2018.

During his past two terms in office Frank strongly opposed Republican tax increases, disinvestments in our communities, attacks on public education and local governments, and the lack of transparency and accountability. Since taking office Frank has become a respected voice in the Michigan Legislature—working with both Democrats and Republicans—to advance legislation that protects students with disabilities. Furthermore, with his record of honesty and hard work, Frank was selected to serve on the Democratic leadership team as Assistant Caucus Whip for the last two terms.

Frank is currently the Democratic Vice-Chair of the Families, Children, and Seniors Committee as well as a member of the Law and Justice and Regulatory Reform Committees. Fank has co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to lower auto-insurance rates and fought back against the insurance companies who have been taking advantage of the system for far too long. He has stood side-by-side with teachers, firefighters and police officers, and skilled tradespeople in opposing Republican attempts to cut their wages and retirement benefits. And he has continued to advocate for ending corporate welfare and redefining Michigan’s economy by investing in our people and communities.

Please be sure to check out the rest of this website to get to know Frank more and to understand the principles he stands for. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved be sure to contact him at: repliberati@gmail.com.

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